We are working hard behind the scenes to get ready for the 2022 to 2023 swimming lesson season. More information to come in the coming weeks. 

In the preschool swimming program, children learn to become more independent in the water and begin to develop important water survival skills.

Children will learn skills in:

  • body orientation;
  • propulsion and submersion;
  • basic stroke development;
  • personal and water safety.

Our swimming teachers

Our teachers hold nationally accredited swimming teacher and water safety certificates. They have current CPR and first aid certificates, and have training in safeguarding children and young people.

Program levels

Teachers assess and progress children through the program levels, based on their individual ability.

Level Description


Ages: 3 to 5 years
Class size: Five students

  • Parent / carer in the water
  • Push and glide with bubbles
  • Independent submersion with bubbles
  • Aided jump entry and return to edge
  • Extended arm paddle
  • Aided kick on front and back
  • Aided treading water
  • Torpedo three metres


Ages: 3 to 5 years
Class size: Five students

  • Jump entry and return to edge
  • Independent rollover
  • Recover object from chest-deep water
  • Introductory whip kick
  • Freestyle and backstroke arms
  • Tread water for 15 seconds

Flying fish

Ages: 3 to 5 years
Class size: Five students

  • Step in entry and recover
  • Freestyle and backstroke 10 metres
  • Introduction to breaststroke, survival backstroke and butterfly kick
  • Duck dive, swim underwater and recover an object
  • Throw a buoyant aid and direct a partner to safety
  • Swimming lessons prices

    Swimming lessons

    Fees are paid fortnightly by direct debit. No lock-in contracts. 14 days' written notice is required to cancel.

    Lesson type Price per lesson 
    Infant / preschool / school-age / adult swimming lessons  $18.40

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